Error: displacement found on a(n) [entity-type] entity - not supported

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    i have no clue how to fix this...
    i have some brushes as detail because interlopers said i had a problem, and to change them to func_detail, and now this...

    can someone help?

    Error: displacement found on a(n) [entity-type] entity - not supported
    error: displacement found on a(n) func_detail entity - not supported
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    As for the second error, you have either;
    A) Made a func_detail from a displacement.
    B) Made a displacement from a func_detail.

    So you need to find the func_detail displacement and hit the "Move to world" button so it's no longer a func_detail. Displacements cannot be bound to entities at all!

    I don't know about the error above that because it doesn't really specify anything. See if it goes away if you fix the func_detail displacement.
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    Its the same thing, displacements can't be any kind of entity. so you just need to do the same thing.

    How to find it:
    Turn off all visgroups
    Turn on the brush entities and func_detail visgroup
    Swap to wireframe mode
    The displacement should be totally obvious (looks like a grid)