ErectAMercs a1

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Mar 30, 2014
ErectAMercs - Its like pokemon, but with TF2 Mercs, and a much smaller scope.

Erect-A-Mercs is a spin on pokemon using the TF2 characters. Although I didn't get far enough along to include everything I wanted to it is playable (locally).

Currently you can face off in 1v1, taking turns making moves. You start with fixed teams, although the solider is a bit different between red and blue.

You may notice a second bar under your HP called Willpower. This is essentially a 2nd HP that gets reduced by friendly attacks. Loose too much willpower and your merc will be out of the fight (presumably gone friendly)

Defeat all your opponent's mercenaries to win.

The underlying starting point for this was the cartcrawlers code base, I received permission to use it although I ended up using it less than I anticipated. The only cartcrawlers stuff you will find here are, the text and button objects, most sounds, a few minor sprites (sandvitch), and the settings menu. Everything else is new work created during the jam entry.