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CTF Epicenter B2

I lied. It was an Epicenter remake all along.

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    Hey, i haven't been able to watch the imp demo yet, i'll probably do it tomorrow. I just wanted to give out one quick reply.

    maybe have red truck outlined through walls for flag carrier instead of blue one(if possible) i got confused initially
    Both of the trucks are outlined, there is a working tf_glow for both of them. Sadly, tf_glow currently is broken on engine level. I already sent a mail to Valve about it, but i guess it's not high on their priorities list right now.
    Right now, the glow will disappear once it leaves pvs, and only one tf_glow will work in the whole map. Which one is active at any time seems to be rather random. There's nothing i can do about it right now, the only other option would be to remove the glow effects alltogether.
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    ah, bummer... I presume glow doesnt render when outlined prop doesnt render either. Still... map was fun, tho a bit confusing at first (people were like "whaa? i got an intel right after i left the spawn?") once people figured out its ctf delivery things started going great.
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    • Fixed render distance on a few props
    • Added clips/nonsolid func_brushes that i forgot to mirror
    • Improved blockbullets on building in construction
    • Fixed clipping on doorframes
    • Fixed a few more places where players could, but shouldn't stand
    • Mirrored a few props i forgot in b1
    • Replaced a few 2fort windows with coalmines ones
    • Fixed collision of a prop on BLU cap zone
    Still broken, yo!
    Valve met all expectations in my two-month hiatus and didn't fix env_glow, so it's still only working partially and erratically. Hopefully it'll be fixed at some point in the future, because i won't remove them.

    Important Note
    Unless i broke something big, this will be the last version of Epicenter before i submit it to the Workshop, so please let me know every error you find. Thanks!

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    Feedback feedback time! This is going to be a short one, there wasn't a lot of feedback given.

    "the thingy here doesnt connect to the wall"
    Found and fixed. Thanks!

    @cottonheaded ninnypuggins (I don't know a forum name) @Doktor Richter
    "suuuper long sightline right to our spawn exit"
    "sightline from resup room to intel cap point?"
    The sightline is about 2350hu long at max, with two safe spawn exits that actually flank it. I don't think it's reasonable for the enemy team to hold that position for a longer timeframe. The other way around, i'm contemplating changing the spawn exit facing the cap point again.

    @RodionJenga @The_Epic_Engie
    "so the blu van is highlighted and the red isn't, which i think was a major component with me getting lost"
    "why isnt this truck glowing?"

    I wish i could do anything about that, but the env_glow entity is broken on engine level as described above. I submitted a bug report to Valve about it like 4 months ago. I'm currently leaving it in, hoping that Valve will fix it soon. The only other option would be to remove the glow from both trucks.

    "case reset timer is too long"
    I didn't even know i could change that before today. I agree, i'll probably just cut it in half for B3.

    Thanks for hosting the map and thanks everyone for testing it!
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