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    We have began the initial stages of work on Environments 2, another TF2 edit that will feature custom maps. Due to the increased scope of this second project, it will require the work of multiple talented people to deliver. We already have some incredible people interested, and if you would like to work with us to make this happen, please get in touch!

    Our team so far:
    cyanic - editor
    Uil - editor
    nick - colourist
    Mould - mapper
    rockz - mapper
    DubThink - mapper
    kevin gator - mapper
    Pretzel - sound designer

    What we're looking for:

    We are mainly looking for further talented mappers and those with Blender experience to work on various parts of the video, particularly the modelling of the inside of a train for a train sequence we are currently working on.

    However, if you believe you may have something to contribute to the project, we're open to anyone willing to lend a hand!

    Please contact me on Discord if you are interested at cyanic#2799