entspy won't open bsp file

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    I tried to open a bsp file with vmex and it just crashes Hammer every time. Thought I would try to open with entspy to remove any no_decomp but entspy won't open the bsp file. I have the right version of java because vmex works just fine. What am I doing wrong? entspy opens correctly and when I chose the bsp file and hit open, nothing happens.

    I used Pakrat to open and view the files but that doesn't show an entity report like entspy. Why won't this damn map open in entspy? Thanks

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    What's the map name and why exactly are you trying to vmex it? Bypassing the vmex check isn't always as simple as removing one entity from the bsp anyways, it can be a bit more complex then that.

    If your just trying to figure out the entity set-up a map uses, just open it with EntEd, EntSpy hasn't worked for some time now.
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