Entity Wiz Required [KoTF reloaded]

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    I'm currently modding surf maps for a server provider to make them more fun for TF2.

    On trying to find a good game type for them I discovered KoTF [2008 version]. I altered it so that it uses a KoTH game mode instead of a CP game mode.

    This looks a lot better as each team can see the time they've held the flag for.

    Only problem is that when a team hits their time limit because they are holding the flag it goes into overtime. It stays in overtime until the [neutral] flag is recovered.

    I've tried a lot to overide this but doesn't seem to work.

    I added two team_roundtimer's one for Blue and one for Red which would pause and resume as the flag was picked up and dropped however this doesn't seem to overide the overtime problem.

    For the func_capture I gave the output:

    On CapStartTeam1 - RedTimer - Resume
    On CapStartTeam1 - BlueTimer - Pause

    On CapStartTeam2 - BlueTimer - Resume
    On CapStartTeam2 - RedTimer - Pause

    with timer started on pause

    Then for the Timers Output I said:

    On Finished Round_Win_[team] RoundWin

    It still went to overtime.

    As a test I asked the timer to spawn a brush but it didn't is there something wrong with my output commands?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I believe that you can add the keyvalue ctf_overtime to tf_gamerules and give it a value of 0 to remove overtime caused by a flag.
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    It worked :D

    Thanks heaps man.