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    Ok been bashing head on wall for the longest tie now for spawns that aren't working.

    eg. Red second point firing correctly - blue coded in the same way except that it's blue keeps sending players to the 3rd point not blue 2nd - onlt seems to effect the blue team.

    I have ent_draw_message thing to see that entities are firing but is there some way yo get the entity message to stay on the screen longer - I can't get to the spot before the name falls off the screen or is there a way I can get these messages to appear in console?

    Also been mapping via hammer.bat and all of a sudden it's starting to become very buggy - any ideas? maybe the two issues are somehow connected - although it appears connected somehow it isn't getting exported to the bsp file?
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    You might try using the "developer 2" command for debugging entities...you'll get some debugging info in your console with that. Also, with the developer mode enabled, "ent_text" (shows entity name and some extra info where your crosshair is) may or may not be helpful as well. Then there's the almighty "ent_fire" that can be used to manipulate entities in various ways.

    No idea on your spawn problems and buggy Hammer editor....and I doubt I could help personally (haven't touched Hammer in a while), but you'll probably have to be a little more specific about what your problem is for someone to help.
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    There is also a command to log every single I/O message. It can be limited to a specific entity.
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    Well, you should get every I/O with "developer 2".
    In order to filter only I/O for a specific entity, you should use the con_filter commands ("con_filter_enable 1" with "con_filter_text blablabla").
    They are other con_filter commands (to better tweak filters, display time, etc...) that I don't remember, but you should be able to find them easily in the engine.
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    Maybe ent_pause and ent_step could be usefull for you. Arcording to the VDW the commands do the following

    Toggles pausing of input/output message processing for entities. When turned on processing of all message will stop. Any messages displayed with 'ent_messages' will stop fading and be displayed indefinitely. To step through the messages one by one use 'ent_step'

    When 'ent_pause' is set this will step through one waiting input / output message at a time
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