Enabling func_regenerate

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Nov 5, 2017
Is there a way to enable a disabled func_regenerate? Whenever I try it stays disabled. Am I doing something wrong or is it just impossible?

Da Spud Lord

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Mar 23, 2017
1. Any errors in the compile log or Hammer's alt-p problem checker?
2. Are you sure you're using the Disable input and not Kill? The Kill input prevents the func_regenerate from ever coming back in this round; use Disable if you plan to temporarily disable it.
3. Is your map an Arena map? func_regenerate doesn't work in Arena mode.
4. Are you using the right name for the func_regenerate? Check that all your I/O logic is set up properly.
5. Try using the ent_fire command in-game to enable it.
6. Try using the Toggle input to enable it, rather than the Enable input.
7. If all else fails, try deleting your func_regenerate and all related I/O logic, and completely remaking it.


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May 8, 2017
well if its a trigger block

Click Add and in Target name put the name of the func_regenerate , My output name OnStartTouchAll, and in Input set enable (if you set Func_regenerate disable Yes)


Click Add and in Target name put the name of the func_regenerate, My output name OnEndTouchAll, and in Input set Disable

now the func_regenertae has to be in the trigger box to see if it works or have another person but the func_generate has to be outside the trigger. If its a button then change output name to the respected term for the trigger system you use


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Nov 5, 2017
Ok I figured it out. Basically I had a func_regenerate on the map that was supposed to start out disabled and then be enabled once a team captured a point. What I did was set the "Start Disabled" property on the func_regenerate to yes but then when I tried to enable it via an output on a trigger_capture_area nothing happened and the func_regenerate remained disabled.

I now tried again but this time I set the "Start Disabled" property to no and used a logic_auto to disable it on map spawn and it works just fine. I'm really not sure if the "Start Disabled" property on func_regenerate just doesn't work or if it's used for something else. Anyways thanks for the replies.