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    Emil's Cool Egypt - Emil's Cool Egypt is going to be finished... one day...

    This map must be finished... one day...

    Map name - pd_redmel

    This map isn't playable! I post it just to share with friends. If you accidentally downloaded this map and found some kind of flaw - write to me (I will be really appreciated!).

    Why this map is cool?!

    Just look at this cool tank coming from hangar!

    Or this cool egyptian door

    Or how this tank just riding through the middle of the map!

    Or look at this cool sun!

    Or this cool Michael Bay's cool explosion!

    Or this cool egyption underground!

    Or this cool egyption underground enter just in the cliff!

    Or this cool fuel canister model! Yes, you need to kill people to get this. The price for fuel is going up today...

    Or this cool train...way! There is no train because... because train is shy today!

    Still think this map is not cool, uh?
    somebody help me
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.