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    'Ello everyone, I'm Beet and I'm in little ol' England. Been playing TF2 for a real long time (Can't say how long though, terrible memory) but only started using Hammer a couple of days ago, been put off downloading it from hearing about how it's terribly complicated and difficult to use.

    Thankfully I now know how utterly wrong that is, it's tons of fun! :laugh:

    Found the forum because I'm still a novice and want to get better, have some ambitious maps which I'd like to make but unfortunatly havn't got the skill (yet) to make them. Looking forward to schem- Planning with you all ;)
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    Welcome, hammer is only difficult if you can't follow tutorials well and or you start with some heavy entity work.

    The link in my sig is like the bible for those learning hammer, it has just about anything you need.