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Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Svenporks, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Little weird request, but I'm looking for a BIIIIG tf2-style elephant. Preferably with a walking animation and/or one of them silly little basket saddles. I'd also love some walking middle-east/indian looking people. I'd be willing to reward the fine fellow what does this with a paint or two or a refined or key for the whole lot. Contact me on steam and we can go into more detail.

    Edit: I got no idea what the going rate for model requests in tf2 is, so feel free to correct me
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    Well, a 'good' elephant model with a basket could probably take 20+ hours to do. Animations and rigging another 10. Big job.

    It's also not something that seems useful to the community as a whole, who else would use it? Would you do 30 hours of work for $10?
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    The way getting people to make models usually works... if you aren't well known, and you aren't asking for something that sparks interest in a modeler, you are better off asking for it when you have a map farther along and it actually looks good and like it will get finished.
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