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    hey all

    just thought i'd come and say hi, introduce myself and whatnot.

    I've been mapping soem time, i started off mapping for duke nukem 3d, then i moved on to quake 1, then quake 3, cs then css then i stopped for a while (gaming too) but now im back into it, just started my first tf2 map, im still getting to grips with hammer as up until now i've been using quark (quake army knife) which is a kind of swiss army knife of map editors, but its very buggy and unreliable.

    so, thats my mapping history - apart from that I play tf2 too much, WAY too much, im part of THG (trigger happy gaming) which is a tf2 community@ we got a couple of servers, a teamspeak server and 100's of members.

    in the real world im a musician, which i guess also classes me as a bum lol. I play bass/guitar/saxophone/djembe/reason/ableton live/cubase and pretty much anything else i can get my hands on that makes a noise lol.

    so yeah, thats me :)
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    Awesome, welcome to the community. :)