Effect of color in game environments

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by uma plata, Feb 5, 2009.

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    well it's not the 1st time people have hailed the powers of red, after all red stripes make things go faster. ;)

    does this mean that maps like dustbowl/goldrush with very little in the way of blue colours (outside the skybox) are always going to be more popular than say a more industrial map theme like what is found in granary between points 3 and 5?
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    Weird, I always feel calmer and more "at home" in environments with cold colours, but then again, maybe I'm just fooling myself. Very interesting article.
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    That all depends on the map. cs_office in css is mostly cold colored and still its the #2 most popular map. And dust2 is simply unbeatable as it allows allmost any play style in it and mostly the camping one which people find more fun (they realy need to find out how rushing is - once they learn that they usualy dont want to go back).

    I like cool colored maps with a slight warm tint more also because they look more calm to me then the normal warm maps. And calm maps usualy play better as you dont get distracted alot. Thats why i liked turbine, its cool colored but does have warm tints in it which make the map feel a bit more alive... But calm!

    Maps usualy get popular on gameplay. Warm colors make people try your map faster but i also notice many times those trials fail. 1 trial from a cold colored map is usualy alot more popular because cool colored maps make the map look a bit more dangerous/dead. But after 10 times people will still rate maps on the gameplay and the looks will become a detail.

    In other words, make the gameplay good and give the map the correct look for the layout. Dont care about the colors too much. A warm tint at some places is welcome but dont just go for a 100% warm map when its a industrial one.
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    That's just indeed interesting. I would have never thought that bluer colors were not as fragworthy as more red ones.