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    A recent post on the L4DMapper mailing list pointed out that the map_edit console command can be used together with wc_update_entity and hammer_update_entity to save the positions of prop_physics, prop_physics_override, and prop_ragdoll entities into your .vmf. More info is available on the Valve wiki and in this tutorial on FPSBanana.

    This will probably be of more use for Left4Dead maps than TF2, but I plan to use it to position some prop_physics_override entities easily, which I'll then change to prop_static.

    Edit: I believe this can also be used for some other entities, and I hope also (though I've not tried it yet) with Garry's Mod and the physgun.

    Edit 2: I can't believe I kept typing "prop_dynamic" instead of "prop_physics". Also, I tried it with Garry's Mod and with JBMod, and it crashed with both :crying: -- so, no really easy in-game ragdoll posing that you can save to .vmf, unless there's another way to do it that I'm not aware of?
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