JUMP echelon v2

simple devtextured jumpmap

  1. Umaroth-24

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    echelon - simple devtextured jumpmap

    An easy soldier jump map with 18 jumps. I am basically putting it here for the download, but ofcourse feedback is welcome as well :D. [WARNING] you should be cautious trying to sync without having the gunboats equiped, it could otherwise kill you.
    jump1: wallshot
    jump2: skipjump
    jump3: shoot the wall to get on the floor beneeth (or strafe it)
    jump4: shoot the grey wall to slide on the ramp, and shoot this one to get on the platform
    jump5: strafe
    jump6: wallshot 2x
    jump7: syncjump
    jump8: skip+watersync
    jump9: speedshot+skip
    jump10: skip2x+sync
    jump11: jurf+skip+jurf
    jump12: wallshot+skip onto the ramp+rampshot 2x
    jump13: right wallshot 2x+leftwallshot 2x
    jump14: skip 2x+rampshot
    jump15: speedshot 2x
    jump16: telesync+wallshot
    jump17: wallpogo+pogo
    jump18: sync+ wallshot 2x+strafe

    Thanks to:
    probably rexy for the Unofficial Orange Mini Mapping contest texturepack https://tf2maps.net/threads/the-unofficial-orange-madness-mini-mapping-contest.13791/
    WingsWithoutBird for testing the map multiple times and giving lots of feedback.
    Broccoli, Fianchetto, kappudle, pawel and YmirIV for testing the map as well.
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  2. Faux Rhinoceros

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    Just took a swig at it. Here are my thoughts:
    • The resupply locker sound is cancer. So much that i manually deleted the func_regenerate before i started playing the map (ent_fire func_regenerate kill all). I believe that it can be removed by making a custom <mapname>_level_sounds.txt and packing it into the .bsp, tho i haven't tried it myself.
    • Not sure what the intended solution for jump 4 is, but i just landed on top of the triangular block and jumped off it to finish.
    • Would be nice if you used green only for areas between jumps and a different color for platforms that are intended for skips, syncs, surfs etc.
    • Skipped 13. Couldn't get enough speed to pass the gap without falling off the wall.
    • A bit higher contrast between walls you can and can't shoot rockets at wouldn't hurt.
    • 18 is a bit annoying. I found it much easier to hit syncs from the high ground above the "pit" thing you spawn in, which means i spent a lot of time just trying to get out of the pit. If the high ground is going to be an option, you may as well spawn there. Some arrows showing you which way you're supposed to strafe would also help. I had to noclip over to see that the path kept spiraling left.
    I enjoyed it. Good difficulty progression.
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  3. Umaroth-24

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    Thanks for the feedback! had to think about it a bit but here is some response:
    • To me, maybe because i'm used to it, the ressuply sound isn't that much of a problem. And its probably enabled (or disabled with commands on the server) on all the jump maps i've played on. But i will try to disable it in the next version, if i can figure it out how to do so :)
    • well the idea was to have the right angle to slide up the ramp, but you can do it like that, yea. Because it's the fourth jump, i don't mind it that much that it's kinda cheatable, and i couldn't think of a nice solution to make people not being able to do that xD
    • Well to me the green meant something like: "this area is safe to stand on" and not that much "this area is not a jump". I get that the green only being for connectors makes more sense in some way, but i like that it adds some more colour to all the jumps now. So i will probably stay with the green for the syncs, speedshots and surfs but the green wall on 13 should be grey ;)
    • Those times i can't make it, it's always that i aim not far enough behind me on the right wall, so maybe that can help :p
    • Yea can see what you mean. Will change that in the next version.
    • I see what you mean with the spawnpoint on jump 18 and tbh i did try it that way myself as well. I think i will move the spawnpoint rather on the platform on top than trying to change the layout of the connector to make people not able to sync that way. As for the strafe on the end of jump18: I tried to make it clear where to go with the glasshole looking onto the final area, but i see that wasnt obvious enough to tell how the jump went. So i will try to make it more clear what to do with adding more glass but for now i won't put in an arrow cus i think that would look a bit weird with the "theme" the map has. But if people still get confused about it i guess i will have to put in an arrow :)
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  4. Umaroth-24

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    *scaled up the size of the glass texture
    *changed the 30% reflectivity to 20% reflectivity
    *made a wall shootable at jump 17
    *made a wall grey at jump 13
    *added more glass at jump 18
    *changed teleport destination at jump 18
    *tried to disable the func_regenerate sound with this but it didn't work, as you can hear.
    *probaly other things that i already forgot
    i won't add pictures for this update

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  5. Umaroth-24

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    *made all the teletriggers on skips/pogos 1 hu
    *made the roof on jump 8 higher
    *tried to fix a ramp on jump 11
    *changed some things on jump 12
    *changed stuff at 14 as well
    *made jump 15 a bit easier to beat
    *changed the teleport distination spot on jump 16
    *made everything on jump 18 a bit lower so its easier to sync now
    *for those who didn't know where jump 18 was, there are some numbers overthere now :p

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