Dynamic koth capture times?

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    Hello, I've been working on a concept for a koth map, but I was considering a possible issue with it.

    I'm concerned with the point being too hard to cap at the start when everyone has even spawn times and nobody has really committed to the point. I'm worried that people will slowly stream into the point, die there too quickly, and end up not capping it, resulting in a stalemate.

    My thought for the solution would be to make the capture time for the point lesser when it is not owned by either team, and possibly making it slightly greater when owned so that the team which owns it doesn't get immediately rolled back in their now less than stellar positioning. I don't want to overly punish a team for committing themselves to the objective.

    Is this possible? And if it is possible, is it even okay to do?
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    Instead, consider the respawn wave timers. Koth maps traditionally adjust them so that the winning team has a longer respawn time.