KotH Dustfield A2a


  1. Comaaz

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    A simple desert themed kind of the hill map. This is my 2nd public map I'm releasing.
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  2. Muddy

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    Is "Dust____" the new "_____works"?

    Anyway, this looks cool. Might check it out later.
  3. MaccyF

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    A lot of trimwork for an alpha, but seems to lack too many horrible sight-lines. Good job!
  4. theatreTECHIE

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    Believe it or not, there have only been three maps titled "Dust____" this year.
  5. Comaaz

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    A2a Changes:
    -Reverted the Cap area to its previous form and added more cover.
    -Reworked left-hand side cave exit area.
    -Added more cover coming from the right side cave exit.
    -Changed the cover near the sides of the Cap.
    -Reverted healthkit changes.
    -The window inside the side building has been widened.

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  6. Flippy :3

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    Hi! I decided to download the map and test it out a bit with engy, and I have a few small suggestions. Keep in mind that I'm fairly new to map creating, so take these suggestions with a grain of salt.

    Number one

    In this area, if you build a sentry right here, it's possible to shoot through the wooden wall with the wrangler (couldn't test without it.) If you extend this wooden wall just a little bit, it should prevent the sentry gun from shooting through the wall. However, you should still leave a gap here for demos to counter this sentry placement with stickies or something.

    Number two

    This little area that's outlined in blue (not the fence) should be accessible. As a spy, this would be a great way to jump around and avoid any enemies who may have spotted you in the building.

    Number three

    It seems that the area above the control point is blocked off. Why is this? This seems like an unnecessary restriction to me, but you might have a perfectly valid reason for blocking this off. Also, maybe some extended balconies on these side building doors (the ones I masterfully drew) could be a good option for soldiers to rocket jump onto/off of, scouts to jump easily onto/off of and for spies to hide on the balcony fence.

    Number four

    This may be a very irrelevant thing, but I thought I'd mention it. Even though I didn't find a way to get to this area, you CAN build here. This may be just a totally irrelevant thing to point out though so don't stress too much.

    Map version I tested was: A2a