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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by StickZer0, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. StickZer0

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    Hello, this is my technically second actual map release but my first map that's in an actual catergory (ie ctf, cp etc)

    CP_Dump is a 5cp symmetrical map set in a power plant's processing facilities in the middle of the desert. It focuses on controls points that stay at the same altitude, while the defending areas get progressively higher.

    This is only an alpha, I know the detailing is off. Blu has been partially detailed to make it look nice, but Red's side is literally a rotated Blu with some texture changes.

    • 5 Control Points
    • Fog
    • Custom materials

    Known issues:
    • Red is very ugly
    • There is no 3D skybox

    I look forward to your feedback and criticisms (assuming it is constructive in at least one way:))

    Special thanks to Muffin Man for general helping
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  2. J4CK8

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    Map is getting ever much better and more detailed. Mid cap is looking much better than before. Without any testing yet (Which I'm sure will happen soon) I can't say what really needs changing or what works well. We'll let testing cover that aspect.

    Keep improving it, I think the forward spawns are the next step really, don't want people complaining about having to travel the map to get the final cap during testing :p
  3. Ida

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    I ran through it a bit, and I like it a lot. Looks like you have a lot of nice ideas. Here are some thoughts on it:

    - I'd like to see the trains being a bit more "dynamic" by the second point, such as another row of train cars near the balcony coming from the middle. That way, you could easily jump between trains and use them as an advantageous position when attacking, etc.

    - The part of the 2nd point's area that is between the trains and the middle is quite barren. It needs something more, maybe a small shack or something... or just shrink the area?

    - The middle is good, but attackers are kinda forced to attack from the ground level. Maybe let them use the upper level exits as well? Well, I've yet to see how it works in-game, of course.

    - Lastly, the timer needs to be set to a maximim of 9 minutes 59 seconds.
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