Dumb shadows.

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    Can anyone tell me why this is happening to me?


    Light_Environment settings:

    Pitch Yaw Roll 0 51 0
    Pitch -37
    Brightness 244 215 193 750
    Ambient 156 178 255 250

    Shadow.Control settings:

    Pitch Yaw Roll -37 51 0
    Shadow Color 156 178 255 250
    Maximum Distance 500
    All Shadows Disabled No
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    It looks like the shadow boundary hits the same spot as the boundary of two displacements. Take a look here with your "lightmap" camera view. Each square will dictate the size of a block of shadow. When it reaches the egde there, it is not going to "blend" the shadow, one brush registers shadow, then right next to it, the other brush doesn't.

    Try decreasing your lightmaps scale (although not the best of choices). OR change your env_light pitch angle.

    Displacements are some what prone to these light bugs because of how they render differently from normaly world geometry.
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