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    Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig

    Since most people are doing pl maps for the contest, I decided to try out a plr map. I'm not quite sure how it will look once finished yet, probably similar to either Granary or Gravelpit. (Or maybe even both.)

    Dynamic Elements-

    -Rollback Zones

    - If one of the two carts pass a certain indicated area, it will open a door or open a new element that will help the team who triggered it. These special triggers can only be activated once, so players will have to use teamwork to make sure the cart keeps rolling.

    - Something else I may do is extend the rounds by having a team complete a track multiple times. Basically saying, if one of the team caps the final point, they have not won quite yet. Another Payload cart of their color will be deposited at the start of the track, and they will have to bring it to the final point one more time to win. The first team to reach two captures wins. (It could probably work with three too.) When a cart is capped for the first time, all of the triggers will reset, even if the other team hasn’t capped yet. This should create some interesting situations.
    I would really like to use this concept, but I'm not quite sure how it fits in with the contest's rules. If you’re an admin reading this, it would be nice if you could post and tell me what you think about how the concept fits in. I’ll probably just end up Sending a PM though.


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  2. tyler

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    That's a nice looking screenshot dude. I hope the gameplay areas are better lit, but wow, I really like it a lot.
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  3. Tom Hoen

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    Darn thats looking goood. I can already feel the map in my eyes. I'm also doing PLR map :p Yay us.
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  4. LeSwordfish

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    The roof supports being different kinds of wood on the sides to the bottom is bugging me.
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  5. Jetti

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    I love the idea of multiple carts. I can imagine a cart exploding a door to allow the second cart, an EMP, to detonate and destroy the opposing team's computer systems.

    Also, I third that that is one sexy looking spawn.
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    Love that spawnroom. Looks really nice! I need more screenhots! :O