Duelling payloads- halp plz

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    Right so here's the idea.

    Red and Blu have one cart each. HUD issues aside, one problem i'm wrestling with is how to set this up.

    I could have it so that both teams start out on opposite sides of the map, and have to run their cart to the other side. The problem here is that it could easily degenerate into a Sniper-fest.

    The other option I'm considering is having both teams start on the same side, only have their carts on tracks a little ways away the other team's. Essentially they run side-by-side in the same direction, sometimes coming closer together, sometimes splitting furhter away, etc.

    Or are two Payloads even a good idea to begin with?
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    One map has already tried out this concept, I believe it's called wacky_race. The map has the two teams spawning in buildings on either side of a road, with the two payload cars sitting side by side on the road. The idea is that the teams race the cars down the road, trying to mess up the other team as they go. However, usually when I've play tested this what happens is:

    1) Team A gets their cart moving down the track after the initial fight, leaving Team B to respawn

    2) Half of Team A moves the cart down the track, while the remainder of the team stays back to camp Team B's spawn.

    If you could execute this idea in a manner that eliminates the annoying spawn camping, then it could work quite well.
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    pl_ravine I believe was the map by Necro that also tried this. It really does split a team's focus, but at the same time, you would think that in a game that requires such a team element anyways, an emphasis on teamwork would be okay.
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    pl_granary! Do it!