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    The map is a set of 5 small glass rooms on each side of a single larger room in the center. The larger room is the duel room where the dueling goes on. The small glass rooms are waiting rooms, which are labeled gate 1 through gate 5 for each team. When you spawn you are placed at the end of the line automatically, and when the player in the duel area dies on your team, everyone in line moves up one.
    The queue system works completely automatically and the players waiting in line simply have to wait until their turn is up. After 3 wins in a row, the winner is put at the end of the line so that others on his team may have a chance to duel. When a player wins, a set of buttons appears in the center of the duel area. When damaged, each button changes the map to a different setup of obstacles.
    EDIT: I forgot to mention that upon winning, the winner gets his health and ammo fully restored so that he is ready for the next challenger.
    In each waiting room is a red or blu light (depending on the side) that only lights up if a player is within that room.

    The concept may be simple, but putting this together in hammer was nowhere near simplicity. The complex logic involved in creating a working queue system that will not mess up if someone kills themselves or changes classes required more critical thinking and planning than actual work in hammer. This is my first map in hammer besides a few simple ones to help learn to use hammer, so it took me a few weeks to get the map this far.

    The visuals of the map were tacked on somewhat recently. It was originally a just a big box with concrete wall textures, but I decided that if random players will take it seriously, I will need to at least make it look somewhat good.

    Problems currently include the map occasionally messing up and the player in gate 1 not being placed into the duel area, but it can be fixed by simply changing class. This does however put you at the back of your team's line. Another problem is that you cannot run this map on a server with more than 10 slots. There will be problems with multiple players in a single waiting room. I will continue to work on updating and fixing the former problem, but I'm fine with this map being kept on small servers. If it were on a higher slot server, there would be a lot players waiting.

    I would like to say once again that this is the first map I've made, so criticism is more than welcome.

    I will not be putting the map up for download until I sort out the problem mentioned above, but it is running 24/7 on my server at EDIT: server is down.
    If posting IP addresses is forbidden, I apologize, and please remove the IP from my post or let me know and I will.

    Also, I know that we're not supposed to include the map prefix in the title, but I consider Duel to be part of the name of the map.

    Thank you for reading all this. (if you didn't just skip to the bottom :p )

    EDIT: I've lost interest in updating this map. If anyone wants me to upload the current .bsp or .vmf, just say so.

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    Sounds like a fantastic idea! There are plenty of people here with great expertise in logic problems who I'm sure would be more than happy to help out.

    The other thing I might mention is Valve are known to be working on maps that change depending on the number of people playing, I'm not sure how useful that knowledge might be for you but it could solve problems with the queue for example.

    Apart from that, the map is looking sharp! ;)
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    I always thought something like this would be a great idea. Looking good so far

    One thought though: the biggest audience for duel maps are likely going to look for more height variation, to take advantage of rocket/sticky jumps
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    You've heard of Ammomod right? It has a system like this, except it's a server side mod that sends you into arenas instead of logic entities.. I'd check that out for advice, and also cp_spireking fullresup, resupply is on, and it's just a spire really, amazing projectile practice, another "duel" style map that's quite popular. I like the look of this though, maybe add 2 full medkits somewhere rocketjumpable aswell, for healing in the middle of a fight if you've got enough health or at the end of a battle.
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    I've played ammomod, spireking, and pretty much any dueling map or mod out there for tf2. My goal with this was to have something like ammomod, but without the infinite ammo, and 600% hp, and with no server mods necessary. All that is needed is the map.

    Also, upon beating your enemy, the entire middle area becomes a resupply, so you regain all health and ammo before your next opponent shows up. I'll edit that into the map info, so others know.

    And I will most likely be greatly changing the layout of the 5 setups, as I just created those ones so I could test the idea of choosing the setup upon winning a duel.

    I've thought about this, with multiple duel areas so that more than 2 players can fight at once, but it could potentially cause problems in the map. Either the player would be placed randomly into an arena (or its queue), or they would be able to choose which one they'd like to go to. If they have the choice, then more than one player could potentially go in at exactly the same moment and be placed in the same waiting room. Until I can find a way to avoid that (besides killing the players that are in a waiting room together), I would definitely create more than one duel area so that the player can choose which to fight in.

    Thanks for all the positive comments.

    Edit: Also, if anyone here is willing to and thinks they can solve my problem with the map, let me know and I'll pm you the source. It's rather complicated and may take a while just to understand everything that is going on "behind the scenes."
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