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    I'm looking for 4-5 people to help the server grow. The events I can run on my own are usually pretty good, but the server would do so much better if there was a reliable amount of people on each night, and alas, I'm not able to run events every night.

    Desired qualities:
    • Plays TF2 multiple days per week
    • Able to play during the UK evening (anywhere between 6pm and midnight GMT)
    • Not a dick

    • Posting events on the group page when play starts in the evening
    • Changing maps & calling votes
    • Alerting me if the server needs fixing
    • Not being a dick
    • Kicking/banning people that are dicks
    • Inviting people that aren't dicks to the steam group
  2. Kraken

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    I would apply to this, nyt i'm currently somewhere i cant access tf2.
  3. Muddy

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    I have a lot of free time now (as well as a fucked up sleeping schedule that has me awake until 5am), so I can do it.

    EDIT: Also I'm not a dick. Or at least I try not to.
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  4. iiboharz

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    I'd totally be down for this, sure. I meet all the qualities.
  5. Zed

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    I would apply for this, but I'm kind of a dick.
  6. Ynders

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    I'd love to help out! I have a fair amount of practice changing maps and calling votes from running tf2maps imps. I'm probably not the most optimal candidate though; I might not always be free in that time window. I'm also from US, so ping could be a problem.

    I also try my very best to not be a dick.
  7. YM

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    mudpie, ynders, iiboharz, tekku, bakscratch and frozen are now all admins on the server and officers in the group.

    You all now have the power to throw up group events, and do all the mapchanging/kicking/banning you need to for an event. If you find you can't do anything you need to (like a scramble or some feature I haven't thought of) let me know and I'll try to fix it.

    Map changing through !admin works but only for stock maps it seems. Soooo use !map <mapname> and just make sure you get the ugc<numbers> right or else it'll just reload the current map.

    I did a fresh install today and hopefully everything is working again, but if anything isn't, just let me know and I'll try to remedy the situation.

    Have fun :)
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