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CP DropShaft

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Sel_Bloc_57, Jul 9, 2011.

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    CP_DropShaft is an A/D 5CP map where Blu is attacking Red's Mountain Spy Base! Each of the five points has a slightly different play-style and feel to them while still remaining true to the theme of the level. Every point was built carefully with thought given to every class so that all players can enjoy the frenzy. Between the flooded areas, the sparks, and the boarded up areas, the Spy Base has a damaged feel that I hope all players will enjoy.

    Both Red and Blu teams have access to a forward spawn base that allows them to cut down on travel time if they are in control of both points B and C. After Blu takes control of point A, then they can try to capture either point B or point C, in any order. This allows Blu to try and catch Red off-guard while giving Red an opportunity to pick their battle. If Blu captures B and C then they move on into the tight hallways of D. Here is the beginning of Red's last stand! Blu will find it increasingly difficult to move deeper into Red's base and capture E, the final point in the map.

    I hope you enjoy the map and I look forward to any feedback you might have!
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