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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by WarmHandSanitizer, Dec 3, 2012.

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    I'm not quite sure why dropbox is still a recommended hoster for files. I've been reading countless guides (being the noob that I am), and many times the images won't load. A quick hover will reveal that 90% of the time, the image was stored on dropbox. Sometimes, a dropbox hosted resource will lead to a 404 error.

    Personally, a site such as imgur would be better, since it doesn't run the risk of being 404'd, and it won't take up your personal dropbox space.

    As for files, maybe mediafire?
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    Files are missing because people removed them from Dropbox; it has nothing to do with Dropbox.

    Dropbox is recommended because it's easy to use, free, and gives you a pretty good amount of space. However, you don't have to use it if you want to use something else.

    Imgur and Mediafire both remove files after a certain amount of time. There's no perfect solution.

    I'm not really sure what this thread is trying to accomplish. I think we all share in this frustration from time to time, but it's part of the Internet.
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    In Dropbox's case, I'm pretty sure it's a matter of the user purging their 'box to make room for other stuff, due to the space limitations. Either that or the account getting suspended for exceeding the bandwidth limits. They can't really ever delete anything since your local folder would always re-sync.

    For what it's worth, I've never had any issues with Imageshack, as far as I know. The downside is its lousy interface and occasional blocker-defying pop-up ads. But people viewing your hotlinked images on forums won't ever have to see that, so to me it's a fair tradeoff.