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    dr_hallway (currently beta 3) is the 2nd official playable deathrun map that I have made so far. I have made some small maps between the 1st and the 2nd but they're not really playable.


    The map as 17 traps currently. It as minigames such as bumper cars (you can use spells), survival (skeletons chase you and you need to avoid them), jump (jump over spinning razor, speed increase with time) and the classical floor break. And of course, instant win which teleports you to the activator so you can kill him. Some of the traps are easy, while other traps are hard and sometimes even a bit tricky to make it out alive from. I'm not enterily sure if it's fun with 32 players, it's only out on 24 players server for now and it's working smoothly there.

    If you find any bugs, glitches or exploits please tell me so I can fix it. All help is appreciated!

    sunbeam (Kah!)