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    dr_backrooms_v2 - noclip
    Hey, this is a deathrun map made by me.

    It has cubemaps and HDR.

    This map has 15 manual traps, and 7 automatic traps.

    Contains only 1 music easter egg.

    Most traps are designed to be easily dodgeable.

    Motivator comes after 30 seconds and moves 50 hammer unit per. second.

    Map contains 4 endings:

    Boss Fight: Red has to survive from the moving obstacles.

    Humilation: Activator gets what they deserve.

    Horror Zone: Escape from the void realm while she is chasing you.

    Gauntlet: You have to complete the obstacle course while cursed_image is following you.

    ...and you can have an option to respawn dead players in the end.
    Also DO NOT rename the map, it will break some files.
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