Doors and Respawns: A quick question?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by BlueDarkness, Jun 13, 2009.

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    While creating various maps in hammer I have come to realize I have yet to figure out a specific door related issue.

    Throughout my online tutorial search I have had yet to find one that explains how to fix this issue, so I put it before you:

    In various control point and payload maps, teams' respawn rooms move as the attacking team progresses. When the attacking team reaches a specific control/capture point the defending team is moved to a spawn room farther back and the attacking team is moved farther forward.

    How would someone make a spawn that replaces the first one without having two spawn rooms, and how would it be possible to cut off the previous respawn room.

    =EDIT= I realize now that to cut off the door I just make a door trigger on the inside and not the outside of the room.
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    Use the outputs on your team_control_point_master to enable and disable various spawnpoints and doors. For more specific information, look at a decompiled Valve map like Well, or at ABS' entity library.