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Door lags when coming back

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by orange_wacko, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. orange_wacko

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    Hello Mappers! I am a newbie in the map making, so please don't make fun of me if my question will seem silly to some of ya'll pros))

    Okay, I am making my own ctf map, I have this door that looks like a half cylinder, with the very thin wall. Anyways, I set up its class as func_door, but... It works fine when i get from the spawn area, basically it just slides down. Well, when it closes, and I get back to it and try to get back inside the spawn area, it makes the opening closing sound, slides down and up right away! Every time i get to it, it does the same thing, it simply acts weird and doesn't open. Actually it only opens if I come really close to eat and really fast step back!

    Here is another question, how do i make sure only particular team can enter this door? right now it is open for everyone)) please come in))

    Thanks for your help, if any))

    PS My map is the most weird map you will see)) But simple things like that mess up with me))

    peace from <osb> Orange Wacko DGB
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  2. TheDarkerSideofYourShadow

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    I take it you are not using a trigger_multiple to open your door?

    First, open up the properties of your door, give it a name (spawn_door_1), and then click on the flags tab and make sure the "touch opens" box is UNchecked.

    Next, build a brush around your door using the trigger texture. What we'll do is set it up so that any time someone touches this, the door opens, so make sure its the correct size for what you want to do. Make this a trigger_multiple. On the output tab, select OnStartTouchAll, set the target to your door, and select Open. Now add another output, OnEndTouchAll, target your door, and select Close. Finally go to the properties tab (where you started). Where it says Filter, put in the name of a filter we're about to make to limit which team can open the door.

    Now you want to make a filter_activator_tfteam (its a point entity, not a brush based one). Name it the same thing as you had just put in your trigger. Now set the team to whatever team you want to use the door.

    There you go.
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