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    I can't find any updated guides on how to import custom NPC's or models into hammer, for either TF2 or any of the Half Life games. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    A NPC is run by native code. You are not allowed to add native code to the game. As such, you can't add new NPCs. Sure, you can try and fake it with just the model, but that's not going to be easy and will likely look very unconvincing.
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    You could use the skeletons by overriding their model, but your custom npc would be, in that case, only something that runs at the player (if they can find the player on their navmesh, generated from both respawn rooms) and melees them.

    Alternatively if you wanted to do what the training modes do and spawn actual TF2 bots into maps (these do take up player slots though!) you can try looking at the decompiled versions here: (in misc at the bottom). NPCs that shoot at the player and run around and take cover would be a lot more skillful to play against, but still overall would be bots.

    You could maybe find a way to use the attributes entity to add in a custom texture to the bots as well, but in that case (because the texture would be hidden by cosmetics these days) you might as well just colorise the player with AddOutput 'rendermode 1' (color) and then setting their 'rendercolor' to an rgb value. - Just to give the bots a different feeling, like totally green guys.
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