Donkey Kong Country Returns

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    This game comes out in the US in just a couple of days now (November 21) ... is anyone else here getting it?
    I pre-ordered it back in October - it's the first game in several years that I've actually put in a pre-order for. Should be here pretty soon now I hope, Amazon usually ships pretty quickly for us.

    From what little I've managed to see, it looks pretty promising in terms of re-creating the old gameplay without simply being a total re-hash. Lots of classic elements re-incorporated well with all the new stuff - KONG letters, mine carts, barrel cannons, etc. There are even a few snippets of soundtrack that can be heard in the promo videos - here's a medley of clips showing a few different scenes. I hear the temple music and mine cart music from DKC1 mixed in there...! I've also heard DK Island Swing (of course) and the DKC1 title screen in other promo videos, along with some of the new stuff they've put in.

    Reviews are positive (9.0/10 from IGN and 9.5/10 from Game Informer, to name a couple). Can't wait to give this a shot! :)

    So ... others' thoughts on this game?
    (No haters plz, etc.)
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    Canada is having a banana eating contest.
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    Man, that game play looks pretty good. I'd kinda been ignoring this.

    Too bad I don't have a Wii or know where my DS is (I have no idea what this is on).
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    Graphically it does look good but I..

    Well I never! Fine then! =(
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    FUCK censoring.

    If it doesn't have anything much new beyond graphics, it's a "total rehash", as you said. If it has new features, it's what DKC2, if we're lucky (which if I remember right, sucked major ass). Failing that it's a rehash of DKC2.

    Good ol' DKC. The best thing is, this sort of stuff allows me to legitimately be elitist towards the 12 year olds with mics!