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Do some brushes produce more planes than other?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by XFunc_CaRteR, Sep 7, 2010.

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    I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place because of numplanes + fakeplanes >= MAX_MAP_PLANES.

    Are there some kind of brushes that generate more planes than func_details? I've been converting masses of func_details into single func_brushes to try to cope with t-junctions (which don't seem to care whether the func_details are touching world geometry).
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    Note that the T-Juncts error gives the number it has when it goes over them. Everything that should be compiled after it however gets ignored. This can result into the number increasing while its actualy decreasing.

    For example (fictional numbers):

    You got get the error of 70/60 T-juncts saying you went over them by 10. But you might have 30+30+10+20+20 which is 110 actualy. But as it reached the cap after the 3rd brush it says 70.

    If you then remove the 10 one it would say 80/60 due to 30+30+20+20. again the 3rd one is the cause but as that one is bigger it says more but actualy you reduced it from 110 to 100.

    another example except you now remove the worst brush so actualy did very well:
    limit is still 60:
    10+60+15+20+30+10 = 145 - shows 70/60
    10+15+20+30+10=85 - shows 75/60
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