DM dm_venice B2

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Jun 4, 2015
dm_venice - TF2C Mod map centered in a town that's actually not Venice.

dm_venice was conceived in the middle of the night after a 2 week stay in Germany around the time League Of Legends had it's Bilgewater update. The influence is obvious. The layout was finished in about an hour and detailing began the next day. Testing happened about a week later. No changes were made to the layout. A few months later and the final detail pass was finished. It's an interesting piece of work and hopefully people like it.


Please know that this map requires the autumnal resource pack which has only been released with the mod TF2C ( ) and it will not work otherwise. Also it is built specifically for TF2C, and the logic entites do not exist in live TF2. So if you want to give it a spin you gotta get the mod, sorry 'bout that.