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    This is my first map. Like ever. I picked up hammer a few days ago. So yeah!

    Dm_sniperfort is a rainy, nighttime, deathmatch map (and can also function as an arena map if you'd like). It's meant for practice and having fun sniping others. The map allows you to "snipe" with anything you'd like, whether that be a bullet from a sniper rifle, a scout's shotgun, or a rocket.

    It's layout is simple. Each team has a identical base areas on each side of the map. In the middle there's a river that will kill you when you touch it.

    Each base consists of 2 "levels." The inside, upper level for normal sniping, and the lower, open level for huntsman snipers and etc.

    You can access each level via the spawnroom itself (the spawn exits are covered so you can't be sniped when exiting).

    In future releases I'd like to replace the dirt walls enclosing the map with a 3d skybox and add a better looking river.

    I've posted this here for feedback since the community here seems great. Thanks if you have the time to give the map a try!
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    Redo screenshots in spectator mode, cl_drawhud 0
    Also from the screens, it looks a little dark
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    I've played a few other sniper fort maps like this, and I'd say this can stand up next to them. Though, fanta is probably right, the bottom left and right areas just before the ramps look a tad dark - like a sniper could stand there and hardly be seen. But then again I haven't played the map so I don't know how bad it would be. :v

    Definitely pretty snazzy for your first map.

    Also, for your 'future versions', you can learn to make a good 3d skybox here and for the river you can experiment with TF2 versions of textures following this tutorial.