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    Hey guys.

    This is the first map I ever made so don't expect greatness or even something near the level of good. It's a small-medium CTF map which I can't really say much about. It's not very detailed but the whole layout is complete with a few texture issues. I would like if you guys could check it out and give me feedback on what to improve in this map and future. I plan on adding some more props to it so that's on my checklist. Thanks.
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    Hey! Congratulations on completing your first map!

    First things first, your map is in fullbright, so you're going to want to get lights in there so you can make it look ultra sexy.

    I see a lot of long narrow corridors and big flat spots. That doesn't seem to fun, you totally want some height variation and cover up in there.
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    It looks as if you have a few Half Life 2 textures in your map. If you are unsure whether or not a texture is a from HL2, you can put "tf" into the Keyword box to only search for textures from Team Fortress 2.