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    Hello, I am new here and i hope yall can help me :)

    I want to do this awesome forest map, I have a layout on paper and everything but i just don't know how to do complex displacments :( how would i make a bridge or a ramp out of displacments ?

    I HAVE GIVEN UP TRYING TO FIND TUT AND HELP THERE IS NON. There isnt one tut that helps me on this subject.

    Here is the ground layout, it might be hard for you to understand but i get it xD


    The pink is low water
    The Green is ground
    and the dotted lines are caves kinda thing.
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    All the advice I can offer is to read alot about displacements... Remember that displacements can be on multiple faces on the same brush, and displacements surfaces can be sewn together (as long as the edges are shared exactly and they share a vertex/midpoint!!!)

    You can paint geometry on displacements on all 3 axes. If you haven't already, read Youme's cliff displacement tutorial: http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=798

    To make a ramp, make a square brush and make the top side a displacement and just use the Z axis to put it into shape.

    To make a bridge, just put a series of cube brushes (or rectangular prisms) together (like mentioned earlier, they should share vertices/midpoints) then sew them together. The smooth tool should be useful here :D
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    Yes. But this doesnt really help me in making complex displacments :(
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    if you want to have a look on how it´s made (e.g. the displacement-arches in goldrush), then look at the decompiled godrush, select the displacement, hit the destroy-button, and there you see the basic arrangement.
    There is no easy way of understanding complex displacement fully other then studying the stuff you believe is complex and figure it out youself.
    first try getting basic displacements right, then advance to more complex arrangements
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    eerieone is right. You can't just 'understand complex displacements'.

    First you have to cut your teeth on making some simple ones. Learn the tool, what it can and can't do. Then when you get the basics down you can make things more complex.

    My suggestions to get started though (after learning the basics of the tool) would be to make all the terrain you want out of brushes. It will all be square and blocky, that's fine.

    Lay it all out so you have the basics of what you want. pathways, caves, etc.
    But build it like legos. make brushes out of 256 or 512 cubes. Keep it simple!!!
    make sure all the corners touch. Or if you have a tall cube (512 units) next to a short one /(256) make sure that the bottoms are alinged, this will make the mid points aligned.

    When you get all the cubes laid out and even then select all the faces you will be able to see in game. Hit 'make displacement'. They will still all be squares, but now you can paint the geometry to make it rounder and more natural. Since your basic shapes are there you don't have to do tons of painting to make the shapes you want, you just have to touch them up some.
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