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    I hate displacements. I'll admit it. I suck at them and they're screwy.

    I can work with them and manipulate their shapes fine (most of the time). I think my issue is that sometimes I put my displacements on angles, I mean the shape is easier to work with, but I get stuff like this:

    (This is the kind of crap I do to make them sew together. The upper displacement is actually at the bottom of the slanted connecting one. The lower one leads to a tunnel and I'm not changing the shape of that one too much.)

    Does anyone have any general and/or tips for working with displacements?
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    You are already doing it wrong. Either make everyone on the same level, even the slant, or create your brushes in a way that it already represents the final product in a more simplistic way. The most important thing to remember are the rules of the sew function, which is that two vertices (or vertices and edges) of two faces need to line up perfectly.