displacement like in valve maps. (rocks,boulders etc.)

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    hello, how do you guys make displacements perfect like in valve maps. I destroyed one of the displacements in a valve map but I didnt get anything. they look like 1 hammer unit thick boxes.

    photo 1.png photo 2.png

    thanks for answers.
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    The reason the displacements in "Valve maps" are 1 hu thick is because of how the decompiler (and, conversely, the compiler itself) treats displacements. The actual displacements in the official .vmf's probably aren't one hammer unit thick, but, once the map is compiled, the .bsp treats each displacement like a single face not attached to a brush, so it's very hard for the decompiler to tell what the brushes they were originally made of were like, so it just creates them all as 1 hu thick brushes with one face made into a displacement