Disabling team_control_point_rounds

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    For my TC map, i am depending on being able to choose which team_control_point_rounds should be available for random selection at any time.
    The problem is that there seem to be no way of doing this.

    I've tried disabling the unwanted rounds entities, but that didn't work at all. The rounds would still be available in the random selection and work perfectly.

    Then i looked into changing a rounds priority dynamically, but i haven't found a way to do that, as there is no input for it.

    Any idea what i can do? Is it possible to change a rounds priority through a more obscure way? Is the fact that rounds can't be disabled a bug that i should report and expect fixed within the next 10 years?
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    How do we report bugs anyway?
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    Near the bottom of the game's main menu, there is a little bug icon...
    Unless you mean a bug specific to the SDK?
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