Dirty Dam

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    Ok so this map is called CP_Dirty_Dam and its still in beta so still a work in process. Iv been working on it for about 2 years on and off, this is my first. I still would like to add more to it but i want to test the game play of it as it is.
    Its a normal CP map but there’s a twist. You must capture and hold the CP in the dam to open the CP on the top of the dam. Once the top has been captured the point locks itself and the CP in the dam must be taken and secured. This new form of CP must be tested to find the errors it may contain. And if someone could help me out with setting it up to get tested that would be awsome. As always i am open to criticism and thank you for taking the time to look at my map.

    I believe i should have added more screenshots to show all the angles of my map. Also i want to explain how my map runs. At the spawn there are two ways to exit one leads to the CP in the base which are shown in the screen shots while the other leads to the sewer which connects you to the inside of the dam. I made the sewers so that the base can and will be assualted from two sides. When i originaly made the dam section of the map i had a makeshift set of stairs that lead from the bottom to the top of the dam. Sadly though in my first test people complained about lagging when they would run up them. So far iv gotten great feedback and look forward to more.
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    Parts of this map look great while others look like they need some visual work doing. Personally, I would remove one or possibly both sides of that fence shown on the sides of the dam in screenshot 3, too many fences like that makes a map appear simply closed off.

    What I would do is remove both fences and add a strip of hazard tape along the edges of both sides - that way, players are aware that falling over the sides is hazardous and will lead to death, but at the same time some classes could use the free space as an advantage. Soldiers or demomen would be able to rocket jump over the gap to save time, however - the negative side of this is, if they mess up the jump it would lead to death. Makes sense right? Oh yeah, and you'd have to add a trigger_hurt to the bottom of that pit area with alot of damage per second to make sure people die :)

    Have fun, looks like a good map so far!
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    It's obvious you put a lot of work into this map, and that's good. But I think you might want to rework a lot (all?) of the visuals, especially how many generators you have in the blue/red bases. A little dab will do ya, as they say. It's a lot better to have one or two well placed visual devices instead of a million poorly placed visual devices.

    Also, your trusses don't look good (I mean they look good, but they don't really look like trusses.) Where the angled beams meet with the straight beams there should be some kind of connection - not a sharp angle the way you have it. This is easily solved by just making a small brush that looks somewhat decent and covers that angled part that meets the straights beams, copy/paste until done, flipping where necessary. It will look a lot better.

    Also, here are some trusses:

    You also should put some nice trim around the grating in your base points, and maybe widen them out. They look very thin right now.

    It seems you want this to be a power map that relies on rockets, grenades and heavies, because it just looks like there's one way to each point? If that's what you intended, then fine, but I'm not sure how many people play it. It doesn't look like a very dynamic map.

    You could fix this by removing some of the fences on the top, and adding a stairs case from the bottom area (the dam interior) connecting to the top of the dam, overlooking the bottom of the dam (which I would imagine would be insta-kill.)

    As for layout, I could go on forever about it, but it seems very simple and straight forward. Your detail and layout need some strengthening - which if absolutely normal since you said this was your first map. You show a lot of potential talent, just try to work on your layout skills and get some more dynamic areas designed because that seems to be the weaker of your design skills right now. Good luck with the map.
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    A note, you only need to distribute the BSP, that's the finished map.
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    Played solo game in your map and found some problems:

    I have no idea what's happening here, but suddenly bottom disappears
    3D skybox can't block view.
    Wrong cabinet opening in both teams spawn
    Tiny hole :)

    Also, I'd like to see more signs where to go. I lost my way on the first try and after 3minutes of running found my teams first cp :mellow: Need more signs in the sewer.