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    Say I made a hollow box, how would I texture each side of the wall differently? It just textures the whole thing atm.
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    first click for the tutorial, then make posts

    Two ways...

    click the "ig" (Ignore Group) button in the upper tool bar, select the one wall, select a texture from the browser and hit the "apply current texture" button on the left. This method textures all 6 faces of the brush.

    OR (I think this is what you're asking about)

    To texture one face at a time, open the face edit sheet (the button above the apply texture button). Change the mode to apply all by clicking the button that says "mode:lift+select", choose "apply textures and values" from the drop down menu. Open the browser provided in the face edit window. Browse to the desired texture, hit ok. Now click faces in the 3d view to apply textures.


    good luck, sounds like you got a ways to go!
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