Different custom textures in the same map

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    bad description i know

    But anyway, I got thinking: Say we have two computers. Now say we have two .bsp of the same map, one on each computer.

    Inside the .bsp is a path for a custom texture, let's call it rock_custom001. It's directory is tf/materials/somemap/rock_custom001. But this texture and vmt is not packed into the bsp! Computer 1 has a vtf and a vmt of rock_custom001, at the path tf/materials/somemap, so on Computer 1, the texture shows up fine. Computer 2 also has a vtf named rock_custom001, at the same path, but it looks totally different from the rock_custom001 texture from Computer 1.

    My question is, assuming that the brush types are the same (both are rock, not something like rock and water), if this map was played on a server and two players joined using Computer 1 and Computer 2, User 1 and User 2 would be playing the same map, but would the different rock_custom001 textures create any sort of catastrophic conflict?
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    The map would check the server, not the client, assuming any kind of sv_pure is enabled. You'd just get checkerboards.