Differences between TF2 Hammer vs. newer versions

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    Newer versions of Hammer, like starting with either Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2, I think, have native support for previewing blend textures right in the 3D preview window. I'm curious why this is, and whether it would be possible to hack this in by just copypasting one of the newer Hammers into the TF2 folder.

    Also are there any other differences that are hard coded into the tool instead of the FGD files?
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    A few things I've noticed compared to the (current) cs:go version of hammer, might or might not be useful:

    - The vanilla tf2 hammer model viewer feels wee visually buggy and does not display the model correctly, and sometimes hangs (stops responding to mouse or keyboard input)
    - Model viewer does not show how many times a object has been used in the map
    - Using displace combined with brush vertex editing sometimes crashes hammer (similar to CS:S hammer - rarely happens in cs:go hammer)
    - grid snapping of brushes sometimes screws up when copy pasting (or I'm just a noob)
    - Texture browser does not show how many times a material has been used in the current map

    Not necessary hammer related issues:
    - Compiler does not stop (and promt for error) when having a sky_camera in the "world" or in a solid geometry, compared to the cs:go version of compilers
    - Compile dialogue hangs until complete (similar to goldSRC) - compared to the cs:go version where the progress is fully visible until complete (without any third party scripts)
    - dx80 versions of models (seems to be needed) to compile with staticproplighting or the map will crash on load
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