Devil's Brew

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    Devil's Brew 2 RC1
    you'll get so drunk, you'll swear the control points are moving!
    ("don't worry, you're not THAT drunk, the control point DID move")

    Won 2nd place in the FPSB TF2 realistic mapping competition

    now available in Red Cranberry RC (release candidate) flavour!

    The basic premise of Devil's Brew was to address the issue of 5point/2way/granary-style CP maps stalemating, whilst also introducing a new element to the gameplay.
    More plainatively, the middle and 2ndary points move about 500 units towards the owner, and on the other side of a door(which only opens to let the CP move past).

    Devil's Brew 2 is the result of what happens when you rush the final version (which i did in the hope of having a finished map for the competition)
    As a result, there were a number of balance issues that were not discovered until later on.

    The story of Devil's Brew is an idea of 2 breweries, in an industrial area, attempting an aggressive takeover bid of eachother.


    - name changed to "devil's brew 2".
    - increased the texture size on the water in the skybox.
    - added more arrows around the bases to identify exit routes more clearly.
    - doubled the cap time on the final point.
    - changed alignment of spawn points to face primary exit door.
    - minor texture and asthetical changes and additions, and a few draw-distance changes on some props.
    - fixed a bug where blue's 2nd point awarded spawn time reduction to the wrong time when captured.
    - tweaked the lighting in the red spawnroom so it matches the lighting used in the rest of red base.
    - added a new spawn room behind each base to help teams defend when they have only one cap point left.
    - fixed areaportals that are connected to doors to begin the map closed instead of open.
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    I had an idea for two breweries too...

    The Intel was over a glass case with barrels too


    nice work :)
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    Hm, interesting idea, I'll have to try this one out fo sho. And BTW, there's a handy-dandy 'changelog' box right below the description, so go ahead and use that ;)
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    It does look very thematically consistent. Good inspiration, thank you very much for sharing!
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    Wait so the CP's move towards whoever owns them?
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    yeh, CPs seem to like people who capture them, and will follow them around. JK

    all it is is that the CPs are on short tracks, with doors that open to let them pass. when you cap a CP itwill move to the other end of the track, and then the door will close behind it, forcing the other team to take a different route in order to reach it.
    it also allows some different strategies, like building a sentry on the side that the CP will move too when you don't think you'll be able to get to it in time to stop it being capped.
    oh also, CPs will stop moving if they are being captured (so if you're quick enough you can stop them from getting to the other end of the track).