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    This should have been a base texture, but when swimming inside water made with this texture you get the missing texture material all over your screen.
    I'd think this is by custom water where the underwater texture isn't auto packed into the map and it can't find the texture needed for it.

    However, this is a dev texture, I don't know why this is happening. Somehow I have that file in my folders already, so I won't have this problem myself, but when turning on sv_pure 1 or with other players it is missing.

    Anyone know why?
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    Chances are it's for out-of-bounds areas and was never intended to be swam (swum?) in. I believe that the VMT file for most water texture will name the overlay for under-watering. It might be possible to duplicate the texture you want and give it one of the other texture's overlay. Or just use different water.
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