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    Is there an easy way to determine what direction is what in hammer? Would really help out with push triggers and doors, thanks

    Edit: lol, I can't edit the tile, and I spelled Determine wrong. derp
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    Are you talking about the direction field on stuff like func_door? Well, you can either input rotation values directly, the first value is rotation around the x axis, the second is around the z axis and the third is about, yup you guessed it, y axis. If you just want it to go up or down, you can select it in a drop down menu just next to that black circle. You'll notice that this changes the values above too (90 0 0 for down and -90 0 0 for up). If you want it to go horizontally, you can also use the black circle with the white line. The white line simply points in the direction it will move in top view. The last option is to make it "Point at" something. This isn't so useful for doors, but good for dynamic effects eg when something is moving into or colliding with something at an angle that may be too complex or long to input manually or even is not worth calculating.

    Computers are fancy calculators (or, calculators are basic computers, depending on your perspective) so many things in A-level (post compulsory education) and degree maths poke their head out. It may be a bit extreme, but look up stuff like vectors and matrices and it actually can be very useful, just understanding what the computer is doing.
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    Easiest way (you can thank booj for this)

    In the "directional" thing (It's a circle that you can point in different directions.) Just look at the Top view in hammer and the door will open in the direction the directional circle points in the top view.


    For up and down just click the dropdown.
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