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    Hey gang, I'm a complete noobie when it comes to mapping and Hammer and I'm just getting started with the mapping process by converting maps to be used by me in SFM. I was converting a GMod map and when I ran the map I received a warning about a material using an unknown object type call smiff_test.

    I tried to look up what it meant but as I said, being new to mapping, I thought I'd best come ask the experts.

    Can anyone tell me what the %detailtype command does and means when applying a material to a map? (I've tried to make sense of what the valve developer site says on the subject, but need it laid out in easy to understand terms... (Dam it Jim, I'm a doctor, not a rocket scientist))

    Would the detail process "smiff_test" need to be defined in a detail.vbsp file?

    What are the ramifications to the map when %detailtype can't find a detail process?


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    Here are the two things I would try:
    1. Try to copy the required .vbsp file over.
    2. Try to replace the .vbsp file with one that does work.
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    %detailtype is a parameter that is specified in the VMT files for materials that should have stuff like grass coming out of it. For example, if you made a displacement and textured it with a grass material, it might have grassy detail sprites. As Tumbolisu alluded to, if you are going to use a custom material that specifies a custom detail sprite type (i.e. smiff_test), you also need a custom .vbsp file that contains information about the custom detail sprites. This file is specified in the map's properties, accessible from the menu in Hammer.

    I can't remember, but I think that if Hammer can't find the detail sprites your custom material references, the compile will fail. You can run your compile log through the Interlopers Compile Log Error Checker tool for more information.

    More information about detail sprites.