Designing new map! help plz!

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by WarMachine101, May 27, 2009.

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    Im starting out w/ a VERY basic and simple ctf map. However i do have a couple questions. First off, where do i setup the round time and respawn time? Second, do i need to program ALL of the things in my map to have sound and a texture or no? And last, when i click on "Run Map", it wont work (i cant play my map). And yes i have gone to "Check For Problems" in the Map tab. So please help if possible. Thank you for helping :)
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    boojum has a link in his signiture for his gametype library. Just copy and paste the gametype you need and rummage around for the settings you need.

    Texturing is easy, just use the texture application tool and find the ones you want. make sure to keyword "tf" though or you'll get HL2 textures and it looks bad. For sounds, if you want environmental sound then just use the env_soundscape and edit the stuff with that. If your talkin sounds like picking up and dropping the case, those are pre-programmed for you. No need to do anything.
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    Hello there WarMachine, welcome to the forums! :D

    A Boojum Snark has created a Gameplay Entity System Library that already has the required bits and bobs for all of TF2's gameplay modes already configured.

    Just download that map and copy the CTF stuff into your map - that will take care of the timer, intelligence, capture zones, etc.

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by all the things in your map having to have "sound and a texture".
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    No offence dude but this is the 4th thread you have made about almost the same thing!
    Let me spell it out for you!
    1. Download this!
    2. Copy the pre-made ctf into a new map file
    3. Build brushwork, lights, props, etc.
    4. Compile map
    5. Sign up for gameday
    6. Get feedback
    7. Repeat 3-6 until map is done
    8. Put out final
    9. Make a new map and do it all over again!
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    And if you have questions about other things, I'm trying to remember the thread, but there's a very good resource of tutorials in a thread somewhere around here.

    (Can't find it. Just search through the tutorial section and you're bound to find something to help you.)