Designing Combat Areas?

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    I'm a noob mapper, and I'm trying to make my first map. I've consumed a great deal of tutorials here, many of which discuss ideas of routes, balancing a map etc. However, despite knowing how the areas of my map should be placed in relation to each other, where to put flank routes, and other information on how my map is to be laid out, I have absolutely no idea what to put within the combat areas to make them fun. I don't know where to put my control points, what obstacles to place in the area around it, what land should be high or low, and in general just don't know how to make these areas promote fun and interesting gameplay.

    Can anybody point me towards a tutorial dedicated to designing these areas (esp. the areas around a control point), or otherwise just provide a few tips?
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    I'm no expert either, but here are some things I tend to do:
    • Use small buildings like shacks as hiding spots for pickups and teleporters
    • Either put the control point on an elevated area, or in a valley with ledges/heightadvantage all around it. Usually the former for koth/5cp mids and the latter for 5cp lasts.
    • Make use of stairs, ramps and raised platforms to keep your battle areas from being flat
    • Avoid just throwing props all over the ground. A rock or fence here and there is ok but they shouldn't be the only cover.
    Don't be afraid to make mistakes in your first map. No one's first map is good, and it serves as your learning experience. You may get some nasty feedback, but don't take it personally and use it to keep improving.
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    It sounds like you're looking for a paint by numbers solution, which doesn't exist. Every map is different and there are no concrete rules, just guidelines or common conventions.

    Start with an initial idea, then build it in Hammer. Run around the space, and think of how you'd want the paths set up. Put them in and run around again. Think about what would make it cooler. Then put that in, and repeat.

    Alternatively, I like looking at cool elements in maps and thinking about how I could use them in different contexts. Like the most famous one (probably), the spire in badlands. How would that work if it was a KOTH point, or a payload cap? Use those directions to guide your design.

    The first time you try it, it might not work. It might not even work the second, third, or tenth time. Just keep at it, there are no shortcuts here.
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    Height variation helps a lot when making an area interesting and fun.
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