Desert Temple

KotH Desert Temple A2b

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Aug 8, 2017
Desert Temple - My first map, a simple Egyptian themed Koth map.

My first ever map, Desert Temple will eventually be an Egyptian themed koth map. For now, it is a very simple and arguably small koth map set in a box canyon. I'm not as happy with it as I'd like to be with it, but once I improve my skills more I will greatly improve this map until it's at a point where I'm satisfied with it.



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Aug 8, 2017
A simple update to address some feedback and my own problems with the map.

-Added Water and Geometry to help counter fall damage caused by height variation.
-Removed the inner walls of the Temple, and shifted geometry to lower the point slightly.
-Shifted Geometry to reduce large sightlines.
-Rotated the map 90 degrees in hammer (this should have no effect on gameplay, I mention it incase it does have an effect on gameplay)
-Added patches beneath Health and Ammo.
-Hopefully fixed issue with Doors (I really honestly couldn't figure out the issue in the first place, so if it's not fixed I may have to seek help)

To Do:
-Fix texture issues. (Unless they begin to affect gameplay, this is likely an issue that will go unfixed until Beta)
-Upload new screenshots (I want to post new screenshots whenever there is a signifigant change in the looks and geometry of the map, However if I wait to post this update until I've taken new screenshots, It may be another day. And I want to post the update ASAP)

Depending on feedback, A3 will likely be another general fix update. I like only having to fix small things every time. Makes me feel like I've done something right with this map.

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